Those of you who attend games will have noted the lack of referees taking charge of matches.

The main contributing factor to this is the abuse new young referees experience while officiating at games.

Everyone makes mistakes – including players and managers – so it can only be expected that referees (particularly those new and young) will also make mistakes


For every new referee Somerset FA train each season, another stops officiating.

The FA and the youth league will be running a new referees’ course in November and then it is hoped they will find sufficient people to attend matches with these new officials to give them back-up and assistance.

All referees will then be asked to provide match reports with regard to players’ and spectators’ behaviour which will be sent to local FAs for any action thought necessary.

Wellington`s spectators are usually well behaved (long may it continue!) and, on behave of the club, I thank you all very much for your good conduct in the past and into the future.

Always keep in mind the code of conduct we all we all sign each season and – should you have forgotten what you have signed up to – a copy can be found on the Wellington AFC website by CLICKING HERE.

Colin Waller – Youth Teams Secretary and Club Welfare Officer