Our thriving Wildcats section held their junior presentation and, with more than 150 girls attending regularly, the event was split into two time slots.

Colin Waller, Youth Secretary and Welfare Officer, opened the afternoon’s proceedings before the youngest members of the section each received their participation trophy and a well-earned buffet.

The league teams – under 12s and upwards – arrived at 7pm for their awards with each team manager providing a round-up of the season before presenting awards to their players.

To their credit, each of the teams improved either their league position or points tally in the year, with the under 16s finishing runners up in their final season in junior football.

Head of Wildcats, John Sellick, gave thanks to all the coaches and volunteers, before wishing under 14 managers Ebony Sellick and Charlie Weston the very best for the future, having both decided to step down from their roles.

Club chairman Mike Hall rounded off the presentation with a speech, before the disco kicked in.


Under 12s: Top scorer, Lleya Tooze; Goal of the season, Imogen Manning; Players’ player of the year, Sophie Webber and Jess Bowden (joint); Managers’ player of the year, Lola Smith; Supporters’ player of the year, Emilia Smith; Clubperson of the year, Amelia Winter; Most improved player, Tilly Smith.

Under 14s: Top scorer, Milly Howe; Goal of the season, Carys Weston; Players’ player, Ophelia Crossley; Managers’ player, Katie Selley; Supporters’ player, Amy Morrow; Clubperson of the year, Lola Hamlyn; Most improved player, Julia Rosika.

Under 15s: Top scorer, Arabella Cooper; Goal of the season, Chelsey McDonald; Players’ player, Chelsey McDonald, Tilly Wilson, Scarlett Adams, Ellen Eldridge (joint); Managers’ player, Everlyn Hill; Supporters’ player, Ellen Eldridge; Clubperson of the year, Christina Seaborne; Most improved player,,Indy Cross; Alan Stonebridge Trophy, Chelsey McDonald.

Under 16s: Top scorer, Zoe Muller; Goal of the season, Charlotte Mills; Players’ player, Georgia Purdy; Managers’ player, Georgia Purdy and Bianca Hamlyn (joint); Supporters’ player, Georgia Purdy; Clubperson of the year, Imogen Edmonston-Low; Most improved player, Isabella Vallance.